We will pursue our corporate activities with “OUR MISSION” in mind at all times
as we aim for the realization of “OUR VISION”
and continue to provide services to enrich the lives of our customers.


感性の共鳴 美しい考えは人を美しくする

A cup of coffee made with sincerity.
Seasonal flowers arranged in a carefully selected vase.

To enjoy, love and savor little events that color the days
one by one, thoughtfully.
We know that such way of life is beautiful.

Every day, people around the world wear clothes made by someone,
eat food prepared by someone, and take goods made by someone in their hands.
In another words, we live as we receive thoughts along with products.

Our Mission is
to search, blend and deliver those "thoughts" from our point of view.

Products that are carefully made with thorough thinking would
make you feel happy by wearing, energize conversations by eating,
and make your heart dance by giving.
We want to let sensitivity therewithin to resonate throughout the world.

With intellectual curiosity, we go around Japan and the world
to experience various cultures and encounter with heartful aesthetical findings.

To acquire new senses, expand our horizons
and bring them into daily life, little by little.
Such persistent spirit of inquiry will polish our own sensitivity.

And like how music would resonate,
exchange sensitivity from producers to transmitters
and then to customers who are the users.

Through such "resonance of sensitivity",
we want to make the world filled with links of the joy of living beautifully.

OUR VISION 私たちが目指す未来


By focusing on food and design,
we will present proposals on fine quality lifestyles that value sensitivity
and transmit new Japanese daily life
to Japan and the World.