SINCE 2000.2.
CAPITAL 50 million yen
CEO Masaki Yokokawa
NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 1608 (including part-timers)
BUSINESS DESCRIPTION Lifestyle business through retail and food & beverage
Manufacturing and sales of imported food and processed foods,
cafe operations
MAIN BANK Resona Bank Tokyo Banking Department
Mizuho Bank Shinjuku-Shintoshin Branch
HOME OFFICE 5-11-11 Himonya, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-0003


1999 For business development, signed a contract with George Amano who had managed the interior shop "GEORGE'S FURNITURE" in Shugakuin, Kyoto.
2000 Established GEORGE'S FURNITURE, INC. with Amano.
Opened 10 stores sequentially.
2001 Relocated the Kyoto main store to Shimpuhkan, opened the annex café "ask a giraffe".
Opened the lifestyle shop "CIBONE" in Aoyama, Tokyo.
2002 Established DEAN & DELUCA JAPAN Co., Ltd.
2003 Opened the first DEAN & DELUCA store in Marunouchi, Tokyo, and opened a small store specific to Japan at the Tokyu Toyoko Norengai.
2004 Opened a large-scale market store of DEAN & DELUCA at the Shinagawa Atre.
GEORGE'S FURNITURE changed its name to GEORGE'S as a lifestyle shop; new stores opened at Yokohama Azamino, Asunal Kanayama, Moritown Akishima, Wakaba Keyaki Mall Tachikawa, and Olinas Kinshicho.
2007 Opened the DEAN & DELUCA Japan flagship store at the Roppongi Midtown, Tokyo and also
opened a new store at the Nagoya Midland Square, development expanded nationwide.
Entrusted with the museum shop of the National Art Center, Tokyo, opened the shop as "SOUVENIR FROM TOKYO (SFT)".
2010 On the 10th anniversary year, the company name was changed to WELCOME Co., Ltd. Business development expanded beyond borders of food, clothing and shelter.
Started consulting business in space design, MD and branding by vitalizing the experience and the network.
2012 CIBONE in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo opened after renovation as TODAY'S SPECIAL.
A small shop of TODAY'S SPECIAL also opened at the Shibuya Hikarie.
DEAN & DELUCA Osaka store opened.
2013 "THREE AOYAMA", the cosmetic brand "THREE" flagship store opened, supported the launch as the production partner. The group was entrusted with the operation of the annex dining "REVIVE KITCHEN".
2014 SFT opened a new shop space on the first floor of the National Art Center, Tokyo. The group was entrusted with the operation of the mobile accessories concept shop, "HYPER MARKET".
2015 DEAN & DELUCA opened its largest grand market store in Japan in Fukuoka Tenjin, also expanded cafe development in Omotesando and Tamaplaza.
TODAY'S SPECIAL opened its first Kansai region shop at Kyoto BAL.
GEORGE'S brand renewal: a new shop opened at Lalaport-Tachikawa Tahichi