At WELCOME GROUP (WELCOME Co., Ltd. and DEAN & DELUCA JAPAN Co., Ltd. ; hereafter referred to as "our group") we think about privacy as follows.

This Privacy Policy is applicable when a user is using our group's services. Also, the personal information of a user collected at the time of use of our group's services will be managed in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Our group's Privacy Policy is not applicable to the information of persons, companies, etc who are not directly managed by our group.
Personal information of the customers are not used for purposes other than to provide appropriate services such as to fulfill and introduce services that our group provides through the Homepage (user service menus such as user registration, on-line store application and use, email address registration for mail magazine subscription, entries for various campaigns, etc), to fulfill other services and products that our group provides and for conducting surveys, etc. In the cases in which personal information of a customer is used for purpose other than the Homepage for some reason, we will not disclose or provide the information without the customer's consent.
When we collect personal information of a customer (hereafter referred to as "personal information"), we notify the purpose of use to the customer in advance and receive agreement and registration by the customer's free will. We will not use the information in any manner that deviates from the purpose of use.
At times our group may send information about services and products might be of benefit to the customers by email (mail magazine) and/or postal matter to the customers who wish to receive the information. If there is a request from a customer, we will discontinue the delivery of such information.
Cookies are made for the customers to browse this site more conveniently at the time of visiting our group's Homepage. Cookies do not violate the privacy of customers or give any negative influence to the customers' computers. It is possible to decline the receipt of cookies by browser setting, but doing so may unable the use of some features of this site. For information on browser settings, please contact your software provider.
We take necessary measures within reasonable limit to protect the privacy of customers who visit this Homepage. Depending on the services of this Homepage, there may be cases when we obtain highly confidential information from the customers (for example, credit card number, etc) ; in that case, we will endeavor to protect the information through measures such as encryption.
Our group will take appropriate measures to manage the personal information of customers. Unless under special circumstances, we will not disclose, lend or transfer the information to any third party without the consent from a customer. However, this shall not apply in the cases where we are requested by legal institutions, etc or for the purpose to protect the rights and property of our group, etc.
The customers assume responsibility for the use of our group's Homepage. Our group will not take any responsibility for any damage caused by the use of various information obtained from this Homepage and other websites linked to this Homepage. Our group's Homepage is under the management of our group. This site may be accessed from countries around the world with different laws, although the customers who access to this site shall agree to be bound by laws and regulations of Japan for the use of this site. In addition, on this site, our group will not make any expression or guarantee whether the content of this site is appropriate or not in the customers' environment. The access to this site shall be conducted by the customers' free will and the customers assume responsibility for the use of this site.

※ We make sure to protect the personal information of customers as the above, yet we ask the customers to be also thoroughly careful about the management of information.
In the future, our group may revise all or a part of this Privacy Policy. When any substantial change is made, we will notify on this Homepage.

Updated October 30, 2015